Monday, August 6, 2007

It's been a while...

Where has the time gone??????? Suddenly its August - I seem to have lost a couple of weeks somewhere. I am very slowly catching up......Veeeeeeerrrrrry Slooooowly!!!!

Sat classes are done, finished are the sneak peeks!

Next Fridays is also organised, now I have to get back to packing 110 kits for the outback scrapbooking weekend at Hughenden in only 2 weeks. Still lots to do there, but will get it done very soon. I am really happy with the classes for the weekend and hopefully the girls there will be too!!!

It's been a big week with hubby home due to a medical issue which involved doctors, specialists, tests and a small procedure in hospital - he is going well now and will back at work soon. Its been great having him home though as he has been helping out with the kids, which gives me a chance to catch up a bit. Boy, I can't wait to be totally on top of things again - one day!!!!
Well, I need to get some sleep now......

Take care
Rach x


Sandra said...

Those classes look great, I LOVE the classes you are doing for Hughenden, they are FABULOUS, the ladies up there are going to be very happy with them.
Very relieved Lyndon is okay, hope he has been taking it easy.
See you soon.

Karen Spears said...

The class sneak peeks look awesome! I'm glad to hear you husband is feeling okay.

Jen said...

Hey rachelle, Just popping by to say hello HELLO