Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas...

Just popping in to say Merry Christmas to everyone - I truely hope you all had a great day and that Santa was kind to you and your families. We had a great day with the family, lots of laughs, food and of course drink!!!

Here are a few photos from the morning at our place and the day at my Sister Peta's who put on a beautiful spread and lots of yummy food!!!
Have a very Happy New year - Drive safely and BE GOOD!!!!
Rach x

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a little bit cute...

I have to share with you some really cute chipboard shapes that Scrapping outback will be selling very soon. These are just a few of the new things that are on their way.....

Also, here is some of their new stuff, that I have already had a chance to play with - It's amazing just how different the chipboard looks raw and coloured.

Duck across to Scrapping Outback and check out all the new stuff..... I know you will love it!!!!
Take care
Rach x

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's almost under control...

Well, for those of you who don't know yet - My Mum and I have taken over the Scrapping outback has been a long process learning how to run the site, upload new products, and just to figure out what is what????

We, with the amazing help of our Queen bee - Julie have almost got it under control!!!! Yippee...

It is an exciting process, but very scary at the same time. I, with the help and encouragement of Mum and Jules have some exciting new things coming up for 2009. This is going to be a very exciting new year for all of us!!! So please duck on over - have a little look around - sign in and become a member of our great little group, we would all love to meet you.

Now for some other scrapping stuff - A couple of new kits......I know, you are thinking what the????? - Well, because we are coming up to the school holidays - (somebody shoot me NOW!!!), and as most of you know, I don't run classes through the holidays due to the havvoc that the childerbeasts cause. So I have decided to get a few more kits organised - that way you can still get your scrapping class fix without the added plus (NOT) of my kids causing chaos whilst I am trying to teach.
So here they are, you can still purchase them from here OR........Woo hoo!!!! you can go to the Web site - Scrapping outback and purchase them there.

Thanks for looking.
Rach x

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another version of the calendar kit...

Just thought I would share with you a different version for the 2009 Calendar kit. This one is a much softer, prettier version more suitable for Grandmas or Mums. You can still put photos where the flowers are if you prefer.

Hope you like.
Rach x
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

3 New kits available...

Here is a shock for you all.......

I have just completed 3 new kits ready for purchase now. Just duck on over to My Kit creations to check them out.

I must let you know though that these kits are limited as they are already walking out the door before I have had a chance to upload be quick.

Rach x

Sunday, November 9, 2008

And the winner is...

There weren't many entries this time, so chances are good.
Hubby drew out the winning name - and the winner is.....

Congratulations Jules.......send me your address so I can get Rusty pickle to send you some goodies.
Rach x

Tegans 18th Birthday...

Well the day has finally baby girl has turned 18!!!!!
What a massive milstone for her as all her friends have already turned 18 and she is one of the only ones left......
She was so excited, and just couldn't wait - (Just quietly - I could!!!!), now she is able to do everything legally.....??
I guess now the stress starts even more waiting for them to come home after their nights of clubbing. She seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders, so hopefully she will behave, but still have loads of fun!!!
Congratulations Tegan....Happy 18th!!!!
We love you...
Mum and Dad xx

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And now for the 2nd part of the evening...

At 9.00pm a group of them got a limo down to the gold coast to go clubbing - they were all so excited and all dressed up looking glamorous - drinks in hand!!
The limo picked them up from our place - WOW - talk about decked out in luxury. Their driver was Nigel and apparently he was so nice and very cool, they had so much fun on the trip down.
All I can say is "poor Nigel' - he must be amazing to put up with all the laughter, screaming and very loud music, they were all very impressed with him.
I did have a Maxi taxi booked for them to come home at 4.30am, however they all decided to come home earlier at about 2.00am - Now heres the bit that blew me away........When I booked the taxi, I was told $160.....Yes expensive, but at least they were all coming home safely. Well when I went out at 2.30am to pay for the taxi - the driver said he was quoted $266......but he did it for $200 (how generous!!!!) $200 - It was a maxi taxi - but, talk about rip off!!!!! The limo cost $260 and they got all the luxuries with it - You have got to wonder how it's all justified. Oh well, lesson learnt, I guess!!
At least, they all had a good night, were well behaved and got home safely.....
Here are a few piccies of their fun!!!

I might add cleaning up took several hours and many garbage bags and alot of clanging of bottles, but all worth it to see their happy faces.
Now, I have 4 years to the next one..... Jaydon's.
Rach xx
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Check out Kaisercrafts NEW papers...

These 3 layouts are Kaisers new papers just released this month...
They are pretty cute, I actually didn't think I had anything to go with them - but I DID and the papers were perfect.
Hope you like!!

Have a good one!!!
Rach x

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little FUN... promised here is a little give away FUN!!!

Just answer 3 simple little questions.....add the answers to a comment and be in the draw to win a surprise package from Rusty Pickle!!!!

Q1.. What is the name of my latest kit release??

Q2.. What is the next cybercrop titled for Scrapping outback??

Q3..There has been a new addition to the Rusty Pickle Family...What is his name??

Ok, this one is going to be a quick one - have your answers in by Sun 9th November at 7.00pm QLD time for your chance to win.....

Good luck to you all

Rach x

Bumble bee ad.....

Look what I found in a recent Scrapbook creations Magazine......Woo hoo!!!

I didn't design these pages, however, it is so cool to see the "Popstar" line that I designed for Rusty pickle in the Magazines - and I might add I love the layouts in this ad, they are so cute!

Look at these....

Just thought I would show you all something that Scrapping outback has just released....

I recently designed the new release "Candy land" for Rusty pickle and decided to continue the theme a little with some cute chipboard lollipops... "My girl lollypops" only available from
Scrapping outback......

Scrapping outback...

Scapping outback is doing it again - check this out.......
Go on and register, it will be loads of FUN!!!!!


The all things Sweet Cybercrop will start on Friday Night at 7.00pm (QLD time) the 7th of November with a challenge layout by the very talented Lou Nelson and continue through the weekend with more technique filled challenges by our other DT members which will be emailed to you so make sure you register.

We will also be having a game of Bingo that will start at 7.30pm and run until 10.00pm friday night and then commence again Saturday morning at 10.00am and run all day Saturday a word will be draw every half hour until we have BINGO...
The first Challenge will be emailed to you Friday night then the second challenge will be emailed to you Saturday at noon and then your 3rd challenge will be emailed to you Saturday evening.
So I would like to hear from you all on Friday night in your bestest P.J's with the SWEETEST treat you can imagine....... So if you would like to take part in this CC JUST HEAD OVER TO to register..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Look what Scrapping Outback has going on....

Just wanted to let you all know that Scrapping Outback is hosting a cybercrop this weekend - Here is the info...

Scrapping Outback is holding a cybercrop this weekend to celebrate the graduation of the chipboard schoool students. Theme for the weekend is 'BEACH". There will be free projects, challenges, childrens projects, games, prizes and giveaways. PLUS you will be able to grab a bargain with our Grab Some Chipboard Madness Sale. There will be spot specials on chipboard products including the cybercrop new release chipboard designs by Rachelle Minett. The spot specials will only be available for up to one hour at a time. If you submit more then one order over the weekend you will also receive free postage. Some products will be 50% OFF. Everyone is welcome.

Huge prizes available all weekend.

Rusty Pickle prize pack.

Fiskars prize pack including a Fiskars apron and more.

Anyone for a game of BINGO.

Free projects sneak peak. I am also doing a layout project, but am still working on it - so will post it ASAP.
OK, I better get back to finishing my layout......
Take care
Rach x