Friday, August 31, 2007

Here are the first of my Kits for sale...

Ok, as promised, here are the first 2 kits available for purchase - they are the ones that I created for the Hughenden weekend. For the girls who come to my classes, I will be teaching the "Love" one here, but the other one most of you have already done a similar version of it.

"Love" is the 2 6in x6in stand alone frames which are above.

"U" is the 12in x 12in layout with a couple of
extra cards thrown in which is below.

Both these kits are $25.00 which includes postage and handling. Just email me on if you are interested or need more info.

There are some extras that you need to complete the kits which are not supplied in the kits, but I can let you know what other bits you might need when you email me.
Ok, that it for now....I will load up some new kits soon.
Take care
Rach xx

Check this out...

This morning when I checked emails there was one from Tasha (the owner of Rusty Pickle) saying "So after a few hours with Casey for a tutorial (sorry Casey), Lance learnedhow to update his blog. He's really proud of it. His favorite thing is hisphotos from a trip to Australia with Rachelle!!! He woke me up in the weehours of the morning to show me photos of Rachelle, "look", he says, "she'sone of our chefs!!!". "I have pictures of her here, and here she is with thestore owner...". I got the rundown on all his Australia photos, especiallythe ones with Rachelle.Check out the blog, he added them.Tasha"
So I went a had a look....OMG there I am with Lance at a class I did with him when he was in Australia (Lance is Tasha's Husband and owner of the Rusty Pickle business) - He actually travels all around the world to teach scrapbooking classes to mostly women. Here is the link to his blog go and have a look it quite funny (not very good photos, but who cares?), just scroll down a bit though.

I must say that this all took place before I even knew about the Rusty Pickle Amazing race competition - it wasn't until quite some time after that I found out about the Race from Kaye, who must have been just about my biggest fan through out the race. It's funny how things work out.
Have a great day!
Rach xx

Thursday, August 30, 2007

We have another PINK one...

Very proud Aunty here......we have a new addition to our extended family, My sister had a little bubby girl on the 22nd August 07. She is gorgeous and so content!!

Welcome to the world Isabella......gorgeous name too. It's already been shortened to Bella, but I call here little Izzy B.

I'm Back...

There is nothing like being at home, however I must say our trip to Hughenden for the outback scrapbooking weekend was great. Everyone was so friendly and so eager to learn. You can't beat the community spirit in a small country town.

I have a bit of a funny story to tell about the plan flight to Hughenden, but I will fill you in on that one another day.

A special thanks to Kerry for letting us stay in the "Cottage". Very Rustic, but comfy and homely - holes and all.......(except for the one in the bathroom, which I covered with a washer so that the cattle couldn't peek....LOL).
An extra special thanks to Alana first of all for inviting us to come and teach and for showing us around all the gorgeous sites on Monday. It was such a well organised event and ran very smoothly - A big pat on the back for all involved!!!! WELL DONE!! you are all an inspiration!!

A special Hello to Naomi, who we met at the airport in Towsville and travelled to Hughenden with.

Mum ended up teaching 3 classes on the Sat and 2 on the Sun (the same as me) as her classes were so popular and the feedback and comments on her gorgeous classes was so inspiring......see, I told you they would love them!!!!!

There are still some of her kits left for sale as well, so duck over to her blog and have a look, they should be up soon.

I also have kits left for sale as well. I will upload them ASAP.

Well, that enough for now, I will add some more pictures very soon.
Take care
Rach xx

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's almost here....

Finally, the outback scrapbooking weekend is just about here - we leave on Thursday. I have just about completed the kits, just waiting on a couple of bits and pieces. Lets hope that the excess weight of the kits isn't to scary.

Just to let you know that if there are any left over kits, I will be selling them here, so keep checking back if you are interested.

When I get back from Hughenden, after many requests (more like - Hounding), I have decided to go into kits.....(Carole and Mum will be pleased - finally they have won!!!). I am actually looking forward to creating these kits. It is a huge amount of work from my end, but it will give the girls that can't make it to class the chance to still do them via kit form. I will keep you all posted on this one as it gets closer.

Another August project completed - my Rusty Pickle Quota of 3 new projects is done and posted to various sites......Yay!!!! Here they are for you to have a look.

Tasha, from Rusty Pickle has asked me to do 2 class kits up - Very exciting knowing that my class kits will be all around the world. Can't wait for that one. I need to have these completed by
the end of the month (hmmmm- some late nights in stall for me again).

Tegan is is Sydney at the moment for the School aerobic and hip Hop Nationals. She will be dancing for the gold this afternoon - will let you know how they go....

Well, I need to get back to work, so until next time.....
Take care
Rach xx

Monday, August 6, 2007

It's been a while...

Where has the time gone??????? Suddenly its August - I seem to have lost a couple of weeks somewhere. I am very slowly catching up......Veeeeeeerrrrrry Slooooowly!!!!

Sat classes are done, finished are the sneak peeks!

Next Fridays is also organised, now I have to get back to packing 110 kits for the outback scrapbooking weekend at Hughenden in only 2 weeks. Still lots to do there, but will get it done very soon. I am really happy with the classes for the weekend and hopefully the girls there will be too!!!

It's been a big week with hubby home due to a medical issue which involved doctors, specialists, tests and a small procedure in hospital - he is going well now and will back at work soon. Its been great having him home though as he has been helping out with the kids, which gives me a chance to catch up a bit. Boy, I can't wait to be totally on top of things again - one day!!!!
Well, I need to get some sleep now......

Take care
Rach x