Monday, July 28, 2008

check out what miss smartie pants has done...

I have been in on her blog and she hasn't uploaded her cupcake images yet - SOOOOO............I thought I would do it for her!!!!

These are the very cute and very clever cupcakes that my Mum made and brought up for Saturdays classes - how lucky were we?????

I have to mention Julie too as she also spoilt us with cupcakes - not quite as elaborate, but full of homemade yumminess!!!!! Thanks Jules. Hope it's ok to tell the little tale.

Mum got here first and we were all gooing and garing over her stunning little creations, when Julie arrived.........with a Tupperware container in tow!!!!
She saw what Mum had created and very sheepishly said "well, I better not show you mine then" She then proceeded to take off the lid to reveal 15 little cupcakes...........I am so sorry Jules, BUT we all burst into laughter!!!
I really was funny to compare the two fabulous efforts, both were totally generous with their efforts and we truly appreciate you both.
Just had to share that little tale.
Rach x

Change of class dates...

Hi all...

As promised here are the date changes to classes for the next couple of months. Due to so many events happening it was either miss out on allot of classes or move them around a bit.

So here we go......
Friday 1st August as normal
Saturday 2nd August (replacing sat 9th Aug - due to Rumble dance comp)
Friday 15th August has to be CANCELLED due to the Outback scrap convention.
Friday 29th August as normal
Saturday 30th August (replacing Sat 23rd Aug - due to School Aerobic Nationals in Melbourne)
Friday 12th Sept as normal
Saturday 13th Sept (replacing Sat 6th Sept)
Friday 26th Sept as normal
Saturday 27th Sept (replacing Sat 20th Sept - due to dance nationals)
Saturday 4th Oct as normal
Friday 10th Oct as normal.

Things are back to normal from here - I hope that is!!

Ok, so as I am a total gluten for punishment I am doing classes this Friday the 1st August are the sneak peeks.

And Saturday 2nd August are the sneak peeks for those 2 classes.
Well ladies....that is it for the moment as time to pick the childerbeasts up from school - So wish I didn't have to, the thought of 3 three boys fighting and raiding the fridge and demolishing the kitchen when they get home is not very appealing!!!!!
Rach x

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturdays classes...

Just a quick add on to give you all a little peek of Saturdays classes - remember if you are interested just email me for details.

Take care



Rusty pickle Give aways...

Come on admit it - we all love something for that a YES???
Well, Rusty Pickle is giving away great prizes everyday to celebrate the release of the new lines at the CHA, so what are you waiting on across for your chance to WIN!!!
PS; check out the new Rusty pickle header too - Does it look familiar???
If so - come back here and let me know via a comment where the concept has come from and at the end of the month I will randomly pick out a correct answer to win a Rusty pickle pack as well.
So off you have to be in it to win it!!!

Have a great day
Rach x

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wow....check this out...

I have just been on one very talented ladies blog - a Rusty pickle design team member, Brenda. All I can say is WOW.........go and check out what she has done with the "Candyland" range of papers that I designed for Rusty pickle. This range and many others are being released at CHA this week!
Let me know what you think of the new papers.....
Thanks for looking.
Rach x

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Kaisercraft layouts for CHA...

Hello to all.....

I recently completed 10 layouts for Kaisercraft for them to take over to America for CHA. Big job, but all done now!!! We are allowed to upload them, so here you go.

A couple of these will become classes as requested by quite a few of my class ladies.
I have also been working on another paperline for Rusty Pickle and am waiting to hear back from them, to see if I am on the right wave length before I keep going with it....I must say, I like it, but you never know!!!
Over the last couple of days I have also been doodling my little heart out creating my next round of stamps. Once finished, I will send them off for manufacturing - I can't wait!!!

Hope you like these .......
Until next time.
Take care....
Rach x
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