Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's almost here....

Finally, the outback scrapbooking weekend is just about here - we leave on Thursday. I have just about completed the kits, just waiting on a couple of bits and pieces. Lets hope that the excess weight of the kits isn't to scary.

Just to let you know that if there are any left over kits, I will be selling them here, so keep checking back if you are interested.

When I get back from Hughenden, after many requests (more like - Hounding), I have decided to go into kits.....(Carole and Mum will be pleased - finally they have won!!!). I am actually looking forward to creating these kits. It is a huge amount of work from my end, but it will give the girls that can't make it to class the chance to still do them via kit form. I will keep you all posted on this one as it gets closer.

Another August project completed - my Rusty Pickle Quota of 3 new projects is done and posted to various sites......Yay!!!! Here they are for you to have a look.

Tasha, from Rusty Pickle has asked me to do 2 class kits up - Very exciting knowing that my class kits will be all around the world. Can't wait for that one. I need to have these completed by
the end of the month (hmmmm- some late nights in stall for me again).

Tegan is is Sydney at the moment for the School aerobic and hip Hop Nationals. She will be dancing for the gold this afternoon - will let you know how they go....

Well, I need to get back to work, so until next time.....
Take care
Rach xx


Jen said...

ooooooooowwwww oooooooowwwww pick me pick me for the kits as I seem to work most of your weekend classes/ have fun in hughendon give mum a hug for me

Sandra said...

Yay!!!!!!!about time!!!!!
Congrats on the Rusty Pickle kits.
Fingers crossed for Tegan.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts and cards Rachelle, love them !!

I hope your trip went well. Also you have a box coming your way.

Carole xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, I forgot to mention about Tegan, good luck !!