Friday, August 31, 2007

Check this out...

This morning when I checked emails there was one from Tasha (the owner of Rusty Pickle) saying "So after a few hours with Casey for a tutorial (sorry Casey), Lance learnedhow to update his blog. He's really proud of it. His favorite thing is hisphotos from a trip to Australia with Rachelle!!! He woke me up in the weehours of the morning to show me photos of Rachelle, "look", he says, "she'sone of our chefs!!!". "I have pictures of her here, and here she is with thestore owner...". I got the rundown on all his Australia photos, especiallythe ones with Rachelle.Check out the blog, he added them.Tasha"
So I went a had a look....OMG there I am with Lance at a class I did with him when he was in Australia (Lance is Tasha's Husband and owner of the Rusty Pickle business) - He actually travels all around the world to teach scrapbooking classes to mostly women. Here is the link to his blog go and have a look it quite funny (not very good photos, but who cares?), just scroll down a bit though.

I must say that this all took place before I even knew about the Rusty Pickle Amazing race competition - it wasn't until quite some time after that I found out about the Race from Kaye, who must have been just about my biggest fan through out the race. It's funny how things work out.
Have a great day!
Rach xx


Sandra said...

That is funny, I bet his wife appreciated being woken up to be told that. Took Lance a while for the penny to drop... it really is a small world.

Kaye said...

I really enjoyed his class and his blog is rather funny. His personality certainly comes through. Glad I could be of some help.

Jen said...

You little superstar you