Monday, April 30, 2007

Whoops....I forgot...

I forgot to add in the last post that my last Scrapapple DT projects using the gorgeous Dreamstreet papers have been chosen to be included in the International "DreamStreet" gallery. They have also asked if they can use it in their newsletter. Wit Woooo!!

Biggest class ever from home...

Well I have finally managed to get on here and update things. Firstly, on Friday I had the biggest class ever in my studio(garage). Normally I only fit between 6 and maybe 8, but on Friday there was such a high demand for the class that we managed to squeeze in 12 lovely ladies. Sorry for the cramped feeling ladies - I really think that was just a one off......LOL! We all had a lot of fun and their layouts looked amazing.

I would also just like to say a thankyou to the 3 new ladies that came along, I truely hope you enjoyed yourselves and might venture out this way again. I have uploaded the class into my creations so you can pop over there and have a look if you wish.

Next, I had a massive weekend trying to finish 9 cards for Kidston Crafts (which I might add were due on Fri) - whoops!!! Almost finished now. We also got to catch up with some old friends for a BBQ on Sun - it was so great to see them again.......

Wow, I just went across to A Creative places blog to check out some of the classes that are being run next weekend on sun 6th May. OMG they are gorgeous, its going to be very hard to pick which ones to do. So if you aren't doing anything on Sun and feel like some time out scrappin, go and check it should be lots of fun.

Finally, I have just sent out the info for this Saturdays classes to those on my class list. I love these pages and had alot of hands on fun creating them. Here are the sneek peaks.

Have a great day everyone and take care.

Rach xx

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kids are back at school today...

I love my kids dearly, and i love not having to do the running around with school, however, I must say.......I LOVE THE PEACE and QUIET!!!! I can actually get some stuff done without the fighting, and the Mum, I'm bored, and the is it lunch time yet??? I can actually concentrate to some degree. However, I did just send out this Saturdays class info without the layouts attached...........Hmmmm, slight blonde moment there.

Anyway, thought that I would post the sneak peeks for this Saturdays classes. I actually did these for Scrapapple and loved them so much that I decided to do them as a class too.

Thanks for looking, I am off to work on my class for A Creative place - I really love what I am working with there too.

Have a great day!

Rach xx

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a big day...

Yesterday, Andrea and I taught our "Album in a day" class at Stamp antics, the ladies are lovely there and were really happy with their albums. It was alot of work, but worth it - they were really impressed with what they got out of it. Some were a little over it by the end of it - it was a big day!

We have decided to run it from my studio as well, so if the demand is there we will do it soon. I have sent out some info to my regulars already, but if anyone else would like some info, just let me know. Here are another couple of photos for you.

In the mean time its back to work as I have to get my classes organised for this Sat....Sorry girls, I will send out the info ASAP.

Have a great Sunday....

Rach xx

I met Carole Janson...

I went to the Gold coast craft show on Friday to catch up with a few people. Mum was helping out on Caroles stand......OMG, I have to say that lady is so amazing, her work is amazing, her stand looked amazing. What more can i say - AMAZING!!!!

Carole is an absolutely gorgeous lady, and I am so glad that I finally got to meet her.

I got to catch up with Dawn and Kelly from Scrapapple to - they looked great, but very tired. I hope that all goes well for them, they put so much effort into things and really deserve it!! Way to go girls!!!

Deb, it was great to catch up with you again, and thanks for looking after Mum - she needs it sometimes LOL.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The demand is there...

Ok girls, it looks like Saturday is going ahead, Wow I was really surprised on how many are interested in coming......that's great!

Andrea and I are working on the Album in a day project at the moment, which I must say I am loving. We are teaching it at a few Scrapbooking stores around Brisbane - its a big day, 5 hours, but so worth it. What you go home with is awesome. I am thinking of running it from my studio as well, if the numbers are there. Here are a couple of the pages to wet your appetite

Anyway that all from me at the moment as I have so much to do.

Have a GREAT Easter all of you and please drive safely.

Rach xx

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Who wants a class this Sat???

As it is easter this weekend coming, just wondering if I should run the classes on Saturday???

Here is the sneak peek for a great gift idea that I thought we could make.

Have a great day everyone.

Rach xx

A new experience...

Yesterday, I got to teach a make and take class with Andrea at Jindalee. What a lovely bunch of ladies there. Andrea and I worked really well together as we seemed to compliment each other - while she was doing her thing, I was off organising the next project, then when I was doing my thing, she was organising her next flowed really well. I hope the ladies liked it. There was some really cute stuff. I don't have any photos of her little creations but here are some of mine.