Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm Back...

There is nothing like being at home, however I must say our trip to Hughenden for the outback scrapbooking weekend was great. Everyone was so friendly and so eager to learn. You can't beat the community spirit in a small country town.

I have a bit of a funny story to tell about the plan flight to Hughenden, but I will fill you in on that one another day.

A special thanks to Kerry for letting us stay in the "Cottage". Very Rustic, but comfy and homely - holes and all.......(except for the one in the bathroom, which I covered with a washer so that the cattle couldn't peek....LOL).
An extra special thanks to Alana first of all for inviting us to come and teach and for showing us around all the gorgeous sites on Monday. It was such a well organised event and ran very smoothly - A big pat on the back for all involved!!!! WELL DONE!! you are all an inspiration!!

A special Hello to Naomi, who we met at the airport in Towsville and travelled to Hughenden with.

Mum ended up teaching 3 classes on the Sat and 2 on the Sun (the same as me) as her classes were so popular and the feedback and comments on her gorgeous classes was so inspiring......see, I told you they would love them!!!!!

There are still some of her kits left for sale as well, so duck over to her blog and have a look, they should be up soon.

I also have kits left for sale as well. I will upload them ASAP.

Well, that enough for now, I will add some more pictures very soon.
Take care
Rach xx

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Sandra said...

I'm glad you got those pics of the cottage, I have pinched them to put on my blog, hope that's okay.
We did had a great weekend didn't we, those girls are incredible.