Monday, May 21, 2007

Class update....

Ok, girls here is the class for this Friday the 25th May - its a fun hands on layout with stamping, doodling and water colour painting. Here is the sneak peek (some of you may have already done this one on a Sat a few weeks ago, but you can change it to make the layout totally different.)

On a personal note - I cant believe it!!!!! Tegan has her "L's" - So Watch out everyone here she comes........No seriously, i am really surprised at how well she is doing, after just 6 days she started driving to Cleveland for dance and to school and home every day. Now anyone that has driven the Mt Cotton road to Alexandra Hills knows how scary that road can be, especially at night.......but she is doing it all!!! Way to go Tegan!!!! We do however, have a few little lapses in memory though, eg: look before changing lanes and watch for traffic coming up to round a bouts. it will all be worth it when she can do some of the running around in just under 6 months.
Anyway, I need to get back to work and send out the info for the next Sats classes - as requested by the girls so they can get themselves organised for some serious head down , B#@ up scrappin with 4 layouts in 2 hours......hmmmm, I might regret this one...LOL. I will post some info on that one here soon.
So until then, take care!
Rach x

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Whats next...

Now that June is almost upon us and things are just about organised for the June convention....which i am really looking forward to. Its now time to move onto my next project - I have been asked to teach at an "Outback scrapbooking weekend" on 24th to 26th August held at Hughenden in NW QLD, about 4 hours inland from Townsville. I am very honored to be asked to teach there and think that it will be a very interesting weekend. I am teaching 3 classes (the same) on the Sat and 2 on the Sun. Busy Girl!!!!!
Here is the link to the info for the weekend
Mum is also coming with me and will be teaching a couple of classes too and when she is not teaching she will be my little magic helper!!!
I have started working on my projects and will post the sneak peeks soon, so keep an eye out.
Not much else to add at the moment - so have a great day!
Rach xx

Sunday, May 13, 2007

June Convention.......Can't wait!!!

OMG.....I can't believe how close the 2007 Australasian Scrapbook & Papercraft Convention is.......Wow, where has the time gone?? It is held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Brisbane from June 9 to June 11, 2007, and I, along with so many other extremely talented tutors will be teaching a class - I am really looking forward to it. I have added the sneak peeks here for you.......if you are interested in maybe doing my class which is sponsored by Scrapapple, Urban Lily and Delish designs just go to - and book in - simple as that!! Whilst there, check out what the other girls from Scrapapple are doing in class room 6.

Monday, May 7, 2007

What a great day.....

I taught my class at A Creative place yesterday - Wow what a great day!!!

I had 17 in my class and i must say we were all very busy trying to keep up with everything - however the ladies and 1 gentleman were very understanding in regards to having to wait for tools and stamps. There was so much to keep them busy. We ran way over time (Sorry Kerry), even into the next classes time......whoops! The ladies seemed to love what they did and It didn't worry them that they had to go home and finish things off. They were great!! And a massive big thankyou to Ros and girls did an amazing job!!! WELL DONE.

I spent almost 2/3 rds of what I earnt for teaching the classes....oh well at least I didn't spend it all. I have to put the rest towards the kids dancing.
Have a great day everyone.
PS will upload sneak peeks of Junes convention class very soon.