Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am still here...

I know, it has been sooooooo long since my last update, as always got caught up with things and didn't get around to updating - but, hey, I am here now!!!!

With the kids being back at school, I thought things would settle down - HA, HA, yeah right!!!! I seem to be even busier. Can't quite figure that one out..........

Tegan starts Uni next week - my little girl is so grown up now, talk about Miss Independence - We barely even see her!!!!!

The boys are back into Breakdancing, School hip hop dancing, acrobatics classes, football and basketball - which include early morning training sessions. Hmmmmm, maybe thats where my time is going!

The rain has been great, but that really bad storm we had, caused our yard to flood again. The pool filled and overflowed with next doors vegi garden. Funny story - our next door neighbour came over the night after the storm had finished to see how we went with damage. He said that he had a lot of run off and that half of his vegi garden was washed away.......Well, Lyndon said "oh, come around the back and I will show you where you vegi garden went - There is is in our pool". As it turned out you could literally see the dirt from his vegi garden flowing through the fence and into our pool, thus causing it to overflow with brown muddy water and lots of bark and debri. It took a while but Lyndon got it all clean again and the kids can swim again.

This is our back door to the undercover area - as you can see the water is an inch deep, everything that can float is floating around our outdoor area.
One thing though, the boys had the best time playing in the rain. They slide down the gutters on boards, rain through the rain and played on the tramp - they had a ball!

Classes are going great - I love my work!!! here are a couple of sneak peeks and layouts for you to had a squiz at.
These are a couple of sneak peeks of upcoming classes

created for Scrapapple using Basic greys - Two scoops.

As seen in the last scrapbook creations in the 20/40/60 challenge.

Ok, I think thats enough for now, thanks for looking.

Take care

Rach xx

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's been a while...

Well haven't I been slack.......I just seem to keep running out of time to update.
So, here we go...
Kids are all back at school, settled in and happy with their teachers. OMG I can't believe the size of Jaydon going into grade 8.....he towers over most of the other grade 8 kids.

Classes have started again for 2008 - yippee!!! Last Friday was the first and tomorrow is the first for Saturdays....Here are some sneak peeks of the classes.

Tegan got a great OP and is off to Uni next month to study a Bachelor of Human services and a bachelor of criminology and criminal justice....What a mouthful!! She is going to be so busy with studies, work at Lorna Jane and Supre, dancing and the extra promotional work that seems to be coming her way at the moment. She has recently been involved with 2 video clips for the music industry - can't wait to see them.

Getting very exciting in the Scrapbooking industry at the moment with CHA winter 2008 is apon us - all the new products and paper lines are being released.......There is some gorgeous stuff out there.
Rusty Pickle has released their sneak peeks too.....I would love to know what you think of them honestly!!! So please let me know - good or bad!

Ok, I think thats enough for now.

Take care
Rach xx