Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am back....

I am back from the wonderful "Outback Scrapping" weekend way out back in Hughenden which is 4-5 hours inland from Townsville. I am a little worse for wear, but starting to recover a little, just in time to go to Melbourne tomorrow for morgans Hip Hop dance Nationals.
I must say the ladies out there are wonderful, amazing and so kind........the community spirit is so inspiring!!!! This years turnout was even better than last years and the response has been so good........Can't wait for the next one!!!

I did 3 different classes over the 3 days - and the ladies seemed to love them......Well almost all of them - The ladies in the Rusty Pickle "way cool" album class were cursing me by the end. It was a little full on!!!! I promise girls I won't be so hard on you next year.

Well now that it's all over I can show you the projects....

Well, I think that might be enough to look at for now......hope you like them.
Thanks for looking.....
Take care.
Raxh x

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whoops...I forgot...

I have a new kit just about ready to go too, so pop on over to my "Kits" and check it out.... thanks......
Rach x

Off to Hughenden...

Just letting you all know that I am off to Hughenden on Thursday for the Outback scrapping weekend, so I will actually have an excuse for not updating more often.......LOL!
Until I get back
Take care
Rach x

Lets get ready to Rumble...

Well, what a day/night........the boys entered into the annual "Rumble" dance competition on the weekend. We had to be there at 9.00am and we got home at 10.30pm that night - A MASSIVE DAY for all involved. The boys were stuffed to say the least, but they all did an amazing job!!!! As parents we are so proud to see our boys and girls out there strutting their stuff and dancing to there hearts content and having so much good clean FUN!!!!!!

There were 4 judges from out of state - one being "Nacho pop" a famous choreographer from So you think you can dance and "Rhiannon" also from so you think you can dance......WOW!! and I must say they LOVED the Boys, especially the little ones.
They also got up and danced for us.

They had to go through heats first - then onto the finals that night. All our teams except one made it through to the night time finals. They were so excited, as were we - however our butts were in agony, we were getting cold and extremely tired, and the kids managed to soldier on!!

Finally, the presentations - and what a shock!!!! We couldn't believe it!!!! Lachy and Joshy's team "Lil B Stylers" came 1st!!!!! up against Morgans team "Flo mafia" which came 3rd!! ("Flo mafia" always win.......) Well thats one for the books - way to go to the little guys!

Jaydons school boys troup came 3rd - they were amazing!!

Lachy and Josh came 1st in their 2 on 2 breakdance battles - just too cute!!!

Jaydon and Morgan came 2nd in their 2 on 2 break battles - they were up against the big kids in grades 10 to that was a great result.

Jaydon also entered the open popping and locking section - I was so embarrassed for him getting up their with the older guys, but he held his own and did a great job coming 4th......such a cool experience for him - TALK ABOUT CONFIDENT!!!!!

So all in all the kids were wrapped and very pleased with themselves, as were we.
WAY TO GO GUYS............YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

We have a winner......

Ok girls, I got one of my childerbeasts to pull out a winner for me........ and the winner is.........

elisabeth said...
i know, i's from your beautiful new line of papers.
July 22, 2008 9:26 PM

Thankyou so much Elisabeth for you lovely comment.....please email me your address so that I can get an exciting Rusty pickle pack sent to you!!!!

Way to go!!

Rach xx