Wednesday, January 9, 2008

While the boys are away...

I must say I am having a very productive week - Hubby has taken the 3 boys down to visit Grandma and Poppy in Macksville for a week, so its just Tegan and myself home.

I have managed to get the boys rooms spic and span and it's staying like that!!!! (One can only dream I guess).

I have also caught up on my Rusty pickle work - Yippee!!!

I have been able to get some new photos developed - Ready to be scrapped!!

Unfortunately, I can only seem to recover the last few batches of photos that I have taken since my deleting debacle - I cant seem to be able to get the Christmas ones at all! Thank you to those of you that told me about the recovery program, I really do appreciate it - if only I knew about that before I took any more photos, thus reducing my chances of recovery.

On a better note - I have finally been able to get the instructions and photography done for a NEW kit!!!! This one allows lots of photos and is quite bright and funky - so pop on over the Kit Creations and have a look if you are interested in one.

Ok, I have just realised that the title on my Kit Creations blog is having a little fit - It really make you wonder just why things happen when you don't even touch them.....Damn computers!!! Another job to do.

In the mean time, here is a couple of the photos that I just had developed......I think they are just so precious, but then again she is my new little niece - Isabella.
Till next time....
Take care
Rach xx

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