Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Christmas disaster...

What we all dread happened to me on Christmas day - DELETING ALL MY PHOTOS on my camera before loading them onto my computer...........GRRRRRRRRRRRR, so not happy Jan!!!!

I had taken 487 photos of Christmas eve, Christmas morning with the kids opening their presents, the magnificent Christmas table setting at my sisters house (absolutely stunning), all the cousins opening their presents together and the final ones of little baby Isabella's 1st Christmas with her opening or rather pulling at her presents - a mothers once in a lifetime experience, they only have one 1st Christmas!!!!.........................ALL GONE........... I stupidly managed to DELETE all of them.

However, due to having a completely empty memory card - I was able to take allot of photos of the kids on the water slide.

Dan and Rod set up a 20m water slide on a little hill at their new house. It was truly the best fun the kids have had in a long time.......and the parents, watching their faces and listening to their screams of joy was so much fun.

I have uploaded a few photos of the slide, it's hard to see just how fast they were going - but trust me, it was fast, the speed they got up sent them off the end and along the grass too.

Sorry about the dark photos - haven't had a chance to lighten them a bit yet.

Pay particular attention to the kids faces - THEY ARE PRICELESS.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and managed to keep all their precious memories on camera without deleting them!!!

Have a safe New year....

Rach xxx


Brenda said...

Oh no, Rachelle! That is so horrible - I'm so sorry!

That slide looks like a blast - especially since I'm sitting in a foot of snow!

Gayle said...

Hi Rachelle, I am not sure if this will help, but there is a computer program that will recover lost photos from deleted memory cards. My son did the same thing and he was able to recover most of his. Even a computer tech might be able to do it for you. Try Harvey Norman or Dick Smith, they may be able to help you with it. Although it may not work if you have taken other photos, but it may be worth a try. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Oh No Rach that is not good, I hope you get them all back. That slide looks awesome. The kids look like they are having heaps of fun.



Leonie said...

Hi Rachelle!
O no! about your photos, but I was going to tell you the same thing that Gayle did two comments before mine. i had this happen to me not so long ago and i took my memory card to our local photo lab and they were able to retrieve quite a few of my Lost photos. hopefully you might be able to do the same?

My fingers are crossed for you!
Luv and hugs
Leonie (a lurker)LOL