Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Classes are back...

Due to some very anxious ladies, classes are resuming this Sat 31st January 09. Here are the sneak peeks for you.

On another note, check out our little Pre Australia Day visitor....This old Koala decided to wander into our street and check out the scenery. He was sooooo placid and let us get very close to him whilst he wandered around. Talk about a true Blue Aussie (only 1 day too early for Australia day celebrations). He was just gorgeous!!!
This was so cool for the kids to see.....they loved getting so close to nature in our very own neighbourhood!
There is heaps of new stuff uploaded to Scrapping outback - The challenges have been received really well, with an amazing results. The Rusty pickle challenge was one by Kaye.
The next Rusty pickle challenge is underway - why not duck across and check out the entries so far.
The 4 product challenge is going really well, so may ladies have already finished and seem to have had fun doing so - here is the link to their entries....go and check them out.
Just to let you know, there are heaps of new chipboard coming to SO very soon, so keep an eye out - you will be surprised!!!!
Thats it for now.....enjoy!!!
Take care...
Rach x

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