Monday, April 21, 2008

Kit give away reminder....

Just dropping in to remind you of my FREE kit give away....
Here is the info again-

Time for another kit give away...
It's been a while, but here is your chance to win another kit "Today"- however, this time I think it might be fun to have a little treasure hunt.OK, here's how it works - you need to find the answers to 5 very simple questions, then come back here and leave your answers in a comment along with your name. The winner will be picked at random and if all 5 questions are correct - they win the "Today" kit.Good luck everyone and have fun.

Q1 - What are the main 2 colours of the "Today" kit?
Q2 - What is the name of the NEW scrapping site that has just opened?
Q3 - How many flowers are in "The lazy Scrappers" banner?
Q4 - What is the title for the NEW scrapping sites first April challenge?
Q5 - What is the name of the kit that I released on Wednesday the 9th Jan 08?

You have until Wednesday the 30th April 08 to place your answers here as a comment.....Can't wait to see how you all's so easy....come on have a go!!!!

You still have time....
Rach xx


Julie said...

Love the look ofyour kits and stamps

My answers are

Outback Scrapping

Anthea said...

its good to be scrapping again

my answers:

purple and green

scrapping outback

create either single or double page with the word new


Anonymous said...

Love it, Love all your work, Love the stamps have to have some
My answers
Purple & green
scrapping outback
6 flowers

Deborah said...

My answers
Scrapping Outback