Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bees everywhere...

The kids came running in the other day asking for my camera.......Of course, I wanted to know why as I was not handing over my camera over that easily......The answer was there are bees every where next door - they are building a hive in the tree.
Wanting to see this my self, I went out with my camera.....Yes, they were right - BEES everywhere!!!! I tried to get fairly close to their hive, but as I swell up like a balloon if stung, I wasn't taking chances. So, I changed to a bigger lens so I could get in closer without too much worry.

Wow......what an amazing site! A little skin crawling, but amazing!!!
By the way - they have packed up and left town now - I think they were just visiting.
Rach xx


Sandra said...

O.M.Goodness, a bit scary, we had some once but we had to get a guy in to move them to greener pastures, not something I want to experience again, I'm glad they moved on of their own accord.

Alana said...

WOW!! How many is that....i hate them..even the sound they make!! Could have been a problem if they hadnt moved!!