Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I think I am back on top of things again...

After an extremely busy few weeks - I think i have just about caught up with myself (well almost). I am just about finished my classes for Hughenden and have even done the layout for the next coming Saturdays class.......Woo Hooo! (chalk that one up girls, cause its been a long time since I have had things done more than a week in advance).

Unfortunately, i have had one very sick little boy home for the last 3 days......don't say anything, but things have been so much more peaceful since he has been sick...........yes, you guessed right - Morgan. Hopefully he will get better soon as the Boys have their state championships this weekend for their Hip Hop dance team and he is one of the main dancers.

Anyway - Fridays class has been emailed out to all is the sneak peek!

Have a great day!

Rach xx

1 comment:

Casey said...

Those peeks look STUNNING! I just love the colors and your doodling! I can totally sympathize with you on your creativity being out the window but it looks like you've definitely got it! :)