Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In for a very busy week....

It's only Tuesday and I am already exhaused.......There is so much running around this week with Dance, school, parent/teacher nights, tegans modelling practice for the wedding expo, tegans work, not to mention my scrapping work,etc..........STOP!!!!!!

I just want to slow down a little, so here I am....venting it on here. Oh, and the boys....GRRRRR, they are so EVIL at the moment. Does anyone want 3 boys - going very cheap, in fact I will pay you to take them at the moment. I will throw the daughter in as well!!!

If only I could do this.....LOL, i can dream. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Take care and have a great week.

.I just loved this when I saw it....its a little hard to see, but its amusing for a scrapbooker. It says "I run with scissors - it makes me feel dangerous"!!


Casstastrophy said...

Oh god Rachelle I am soooo feeling your pain!! but I couldn't possibly take your 3 boys unless you took my 3!!! What is it with boys?? they seemed to know when mummy is a little stressed..and thats the time to strick!!!

Take care...hope tommorrow is better


Diana Graham said...

I don't know how you do it Rachelle. My house was a mad-house with just 2 so i cant imagine what yours is like. Even with all the running around you have to do you always seem to be so organised, you never cease to amaze me.....see you sat Diana

Jen said...

Rachelle, I can't cope with one child + Freyer. Hats off to you for dealing with 4 of the little darlings AND running your business AND running around after the little darlings. Phew I am exhausted. Anyway your blog is looking fabulous keep up the good work.