Thursday, February 8, 2007

I have talented Kids (proud Mum)

Yesterday my 3 boys tried out for the new school Funk dance competition team and made it through. They will be in an all boys team with 5 other kids. OMG they all look so cute together - I cant wait to see what their coach comes up with, these guys are going to bring the house down when they perform as they have the all boy and cute factor. Way to go guys!!!

My boys have performed alot before as they do Breakdancing classes at Club PJ's, but this will be their first time in a true comp team.

Tegan, their older sister has taught them Funk routines before which they have performed in public many times. Their little threesome group is called "Timeout". Here are a couple of photos of them performing last year.

Anyway, thats probably enough bragging for now, can't wait for their first competition!!


The lazy scrapper said...

Ohhhhhh how cute are they, I didn't know they had new outfits, they look great, they look gorgeous in their other outfits too.
Just as well you have a blog so I can find out what my grand children are up to. lol
I bet they are excited about getting chosen, but they really are very good at it, so I am not suprised,,,,okay that proberly enough from a proud Nanny.

Anonymous said...

Wow the boys look great Rachelle. I am so glad you have a blog now. I have admired your work in the mags for years and look forward to checking it out here also. Great stuff!!
Cheers... Linda

Leisa said...

Hi Rachelle
I have come here through your mum's blog and before that I don't remember (I have been surfing around for a while). I live on the southside of Brissy and have 4 boys (love the pictures of your sons). My baby has gone off to kindy this year so I find myself with some time for me. I would love to come along to your classes. Could you send me some information? You can email me through my blog. Thanks Leisa

leisa said...

Sorry here is the link

Alicia said...

Hi Rachelle. Nice to see you blogging.