Saturday, January 27, 2007

OMG......this is getting all to hard!!!

Well, in my infinite wisdom I decided to change my template over to the new blogger template system....seemed easy. WRONG!!!!Now everything has changed and moved, just like magic. I have tried to sort it out over the past few days, but to no avail. It looks as though the template (and I might add - it seems to be the only one) that I chose doesn't want to support my banner
across the top.....GRRRRRRR!!!

OK then, time to give in!!!! this is taking up too much time. I will just have to admit defeat here and change my banner a little OR change to another template - but this is the one that I like (of course). Hmmmm!!

I will admit defeat at this stage......and work on My Creations for a while.

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Leone said...

Hi Rachelle, followed the link from your mum's blog. Love your work! I had the same problem with my blog and positioning the banner - took me ages to get it right (and I used to be a programmer!).