Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ok....its official!!

I have decided - NO more shopping with Tegan. Every time I go to the shops with her I seem to come home with yet another electrical product. Bet your wonding, whats she talking about?? Well, last time I came home with a coffee machine and a new toaster. The time before that was a big screen TV, and the time before that was both hers and Jaydons IPOD and MP4 players (granted, these were their Xmas presents), however she was still with me. THIS time it was a laptop computer.......but its for homework!!! Yeah right!
So thats it, No more shopping with her. Hmmmm, wonder how long that will last. It's actually quite fun shopping with her, she makes me laugh - but don't tell her that!


Sandra said...

Yeah right Rach, how long will that last....you aren't very hard to talk into buying something, like your scrapping desk when we went to Ikea, remember......

Carole Janson said...

Hi Rach, just had to come and say hello, my computer hasn't been working so it has been so awful.

I have been an admirer of your style for such a long time, and it is so great to be able to view more of your gorgeous creations on your blog.

Love the banner, and the title I an so relate.

Electrical appliances ummm.... Tegan sounds like my DD Sarah, she would love a laptop.

Love your creations especially the gorgeous box with all the little shelves, and the junkitz paper, looks amazing.

Have fun blogging Rach, and have a great week.

Best Wishes

jilly said...

Rachelle, I think that I want to go shopping with you now lol!