Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Site Down....

Just a note to let you all know that the Scrapping outback site is down at the moment - we are trying to get it back.....we were told by close of business today, but it didn't happen - go figure!!!
Hopefully tomorrow all will be back!!!!
In the mean time, here is a class example that I did up for last Saturdays classes - I love the effect of the glitter as well as these Rusty Pickle papers...they are one of my favourite collections - Island Summer.

Check out this gorgeous creation that Carole Janson created for scrapping outback - I think her work is amazing...she is such a talented lady!!
This project is available from Scrapping outback as a discount project idea kit.....just go on over there and check it out.
Will keep things updated in regards to the site......
Take care
Rach xx


Scrapthat said...
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Scrapthat said...

Sorry...I thought that would completely delete...forgot to add my name.
Just wanted to say that although I am a fairly new member I am missing the site and I hope it's back up shortly!

my2angels said...

Carole's layout has got to be one of the best boys layouts I have seen - it is so awesome (Oh but thats not counting your boy layouts LOL)
Hope your site is up and running soon.