Sunday, November 9, 2008

And now for the 2nd part of the evening...

At 9.00pm a group of them got a limo down to the gold coast to go clubbing - they were all so excited and all dressed up looking glamorous - drinks in hand!!
The limo picked them up from our place - WOW - talk about decked out in luxury. Their driver was Nigel and apparently he was so nice and very cool, they had so much fun on the trip down.
All I can say is "poor Nigel' - he must be amazing to put up with all the laughter, screaming and very loud music, they were all very impressed with him.
I did have a Maxi taxi booked for them to come home at 4.30am, however they all decided to come home earlier at about 2.00am - Now heres the bit that blew me away........When I booked the taxi, I was told $160.....Yes expensive, but at least they were all coming home safely. Well when I went out at 2.30am to pay for the taxi - the driver said he was quoted $266......but he did it for $200 (how generous!!!!) $200 - It was a maxi taxi - but, talk about rip off!!!!! The limo cost $260 and they got all the luxuries with it - You have got to wonder how it's all justified. Oh well, lesson learnt, I guess!!
At least, they all had a good night, were well behaved and got home safely.....
Here are a few piccies of their fun!!!

I might add cleaning up took several hours and many garbage bags and alot of clanging of bottles, but all worth it to see their happy faces.
Now, I have 4 years to the next one..... Jaydon's.
Rach xx
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Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog.
Glad the kids had a great night and you got some lovely pics but then I got to the part you said about the taxi well....
my husband is a Maxi Taxi Driver he works 6 days a week, 12 hours a day and only makes about $4.00 dollars an hour. My children and I hardly ever get to see him as he is out there slogging away to make sure people get home safely from their nights out - we never get to go out as a couple and have a good time and you have the nerve to complain about the fare.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that your husband is never home and only makes $4.00 an make more than that - so I take my hat off to him for slogging it out to support his family. But, what I am wondering is - Where does the other $196 go (the trip was only an hour) - it seems totally wrong to me that the cab company charges such high fees, yet the driver only gets $4.00 an hour. Where is the justice in that?? I realise there are running costs but for a taxi driver to only receive $4.00 an hour, I think the cab companies have alot to answer for as that is not right in todays society.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know where the extra money goes. My daughter and her friends have stopped catching cabs as the price is just too high from town on a Saturday night to home. We parents are taking it in turn picking them up at 4 and 5am.