Monday, July 28, 2008

Change of class dates...

Hi all...

As promised here are the date changes to classes for the next couple of months. Due to so many events happening it was either miss out on allot of classes or move them around a bit.

So here we go......
Friday 1st August as normal
Saturday 2nd August (replacing sat 9th Aug - due to Rumble dance comp)
Friday 15th August has to be CANCELLED due to the Outback scrap convention.
Friday 29th August as normal
Saturday 30th August (replacing Sat 23rd Aug - due to School Aerobic Nationals in Melbourne)
Friday 12th Sept as normal
Saturday 13th Sept (replacing Sat 6th Sept)
Friday 26th Sept as normal
Saturday 27th Sept (replacing Sat 20th Sept - due to dance nationals)
Saturday 4th Oct as normal
Friday 10th Oct as normal.

Things are back to normal from here - I hope that is!!

Ok, so as I am a total gluten for punishment I am doing classes this Friday the 1st August are the sneak peeks.

And Saturday 2nd August are the sneak peeks for those 2 classes.
Well ladies....that is it for the moment as time to pick the childerbeasts up from school - So wish I didn't have to, the thought of 3 three boys fighting and raiding the fridge and demolishing the kitchen when they get home is not very appealing!!!!!
Rach x

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