Saturday, May 24, 2008

The details....

Ok, ladies, it seems that you all want the requirements and photo sizes for the "Too cool" album that I am teaching at the June convention. So I thought that I would put them here for you - however, I truely doubt that you will get time to actually add photos on the day as the construction of the album is quite detailed, so you may like to add your photos later once you have finished the constuction.

Required materials for students to bring to class.
Wet glue for adhering paper to chipboard eg; PVA + brush or large zig blue glue.
Strong Adhesive eg; power gel.
Double sided tape
Black zig writer or gel pen
Craft knife and cutting mat
Watercolour pencils and water brush or coloured get pens for adding extra colour.
Lead pencil


Photo Requirements – All photos can be added later.
Any smaller sized photos to be included in a keepsake album eg: Special moments, achievements, friends, graduation, hobbies and 1 young age photo 4.5cm x 7cm in portrait position
As a rough guide: My Album includes about 19 photos printed or cropped in all different sizes-
Page 1-1 @ 8.5 x 8.5cm and 1 @ 11.5 x 8.5cm in Landscape.
Page 2 – 1 @ 10 x 15cm in Portrait
Page 3 – 1 @ 12 x 7cm in landscape, 1 @ 5.5 x 8cm in P, + 2 other small photos for pocket?
Page 4 – 1 @ 4.5 x 7cm in P, 1 @ 5.5 x 8cm in P, 1 @ 6 x 7cm in P, 1 @ 4 x 7.5cm in Portrait.
Page 5 – 2 @ 11 x 10cm in Landscape
Page 6 – 1 @ 10 x 7.5cm in L, 1 @ 4.5 x 4.5cm
Page 7 - 3 @ 5.5 x 8cm in Portrait, 1 @ 8 x 5.5cm in Landscape.

Hope this helps you all get organised.

Have a great day

Rach x

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